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Kinda one of my favorite songs.

Dicen que la distancia es el olvido
Pero yo no concibo esa razón
Porque yo seguiré siendo el cautivo
De los caprichos de tu corazón
Supiste esclarecer mis pensamientos
Me diste la verdad que yo soñé
Ahuyentaste de mi los sufrimientos
En la primera noche que te amé
Hoy mi playa se viste de amargura
Porque tu barca tiene que partir
A cruzar otros mares de locura
Cuida que no naufrague en tu vivir
Cuando la luz del sol se esté apagando
Y te sientas cansada de vagar
Piensa que yo por ti estaré esperando
Hasta que tú decidas regresar

The saying goes, 'out of sight, out of mind'
But I cannot fathom that notion
Because I will go on being a slave
To the whims of your heart
You knew how to clear up my thoughts
You gave me the truth that I had dreamed
You chased away my suffering
The first night I loved you
Today my beach is draped in bitterness
Because your boat must sail away
To cross other seas of madness
Be careful not to shipwreck while living life
When the sunlight grows dim
And you get tired of the wandering drift
Remember that for you I shall be waiting
Until you decide to return

LA BARCA LOS PANCHOS (by katama84)

This is a video of Whitney Houston on David Letterman in 1985. She was 21 years old.

I didn’t make any posts about Whitney Houston because I wanted to post something meaningful to me.  Seeing her on Letterman is amazing.  Here’s a post asking “Which famous singer would have dominated American Idol if they had started their career as a contestant on the show?” Whitney Houston has to be the hands down favorite in that argument.  

More of Whitney’s greatest performances can be found here.  The Star Spangled Banner is another favorite.